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Webinar Recording | Education and Your Financial Future: A Webinar on Strategic Planning for Commonwealth Higher Education


Paul Jeffreys Cisi IADip ACSI; Consultant, Lawsons Wealth


Julia Charlton; Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce

Financial planning for education enables individuals to take control of their financial future and invest in their personal and professional growth. Proper planning ensures access to quality education, secures your children’s future, and fosters disciplined savings habits, allowing individuals to achieve their long-term goals by investing in their human capital and improving job prospects.

In this webinar, we sat in conversation with Paul Jeffreys, a seasoned consultant at Lawsons Wealth, to find out how to navigate the current global academic arena and how to craft the best plan of action based on your financial standing and academic objectives.

Providing insights from his 30 plus years of experience as a wealth manager and financial planner, Paul shares how he always advises his clients to start creating a savings plan for their or their children’s education at least 10 years prior to when they plan to start their further education, if not earlier. He explains that many fear that the savings plan will hinder their other financial goals or impact their current quality of life and while that is a very natural concern, more often than not, the savings plan required seldom does impact the client negatively. He provides case studies of clients from the Commonwealth nations of Mauritius, India, Malaysia, UK and Canada highlighting the fact that Commonwealth universities are always prominent in international rankings. Paul goes on to share how shared legal systems, and in some cases educational systems as well, really does have help clients from Commonwealth nations applying for institutions in other Commonwealth nations for example due to English being a common language and also through ease in visa applications. He also highlights that academic institutions have themselves expanded into other Commonwealth nations for example the United Kingdom’s Middlesex University having a campus in Mauritius.

Overall, the webinar was an interesting and insightful account of entire start-to-finish process of financial planning for overseas higher education.

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