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Chairman’s Message

2021 is the perfect time to launch the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce. The Chamber is here to bring good news about Commonwealth business.  At the same time, the Commonwealth, together with the rest of the world, is still grappling with the unprecedented challenges of a global pandemic and its aftermath. At this important juncture in modern history, now more than ever is the moment for Commonwealth business to realise the benefits of being part of the global network of the Commonwealth family.

The Commonwealth Chamber empowers Commonwealth business people to view the business landscape and the opportunities on offer through the eyes of Commonwealth business. From the ground up representing Commonwealth business people, the Commonwealth Chamber is a platform and network to facilitate the conversation, reflecting growing Commonwealth business and trade. Providing a forum to shift the debate about how Covid has disproportionately affected the most disadvantaged among us and how Commonwealth business can build and rethink how things are done.

Knitting Commonwealth businesses together is absolutely vital. Many of the companies and jobs which will be employing people in ten to fifteen years’ time currently don’t exist today and are yet to be created.  Business in the Commonwealth with its 2.4 billion people, most of whom are under 30 years of age, is about the future, not the past. The Commonwealth Chamber is about finding the commonalities to build powerful businesses creating and sustaining wealth, providing jobs, careers and fulfilment whilst improving lives.  The Commonwealth Chamber invites members to take a fresh look at the changes we have lived through over the past two years or so and how we are going to improve things going forward. In amongst this, we are a platform to share and showcase stories of business in the Commonwealth, talking about what matters to business in the Commonwealth.  All in a can-do spirit, which is brave, challenging, bold, welcoming, excitingly dynamic, different, innovative and informative.  We foster civilised debate across a range of business areas from the most diverse pool of business people, always with respect for other points of view.  We adhere to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We welcome you and we challenge you to join our diverse, open and transparent conversation!


Central to the Chamber’s mission is to hand over Commonwealth business achievements and trade ties in better shape than when we started. What matters to Commonwealth business matters to the Commonwealth Chamber! 


Julia Charlton