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Webinar | Across the Commonwealth and the Lobe: How Neurotech is Shaping the Future


Francois Gand; CEO and Founder of NURO CORP

Moderated By

Julia Charlton; Chairman, the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce

Neurotechnology is a fast growing field of technological innovation focussing on interfacing human nervous systems with electronic instruments to monitor, enhance and modulate our neural activity. Neurotechnology can be utilised for purely research and experimental purposes to improve our understanding of the human brain, our most complex organ, as well as for practical purposes including therapeutic/rehabilitative procedures on our central, peripheral and autonomic nervous systems. The market for neurotechnology is growing at a staggering compound annual growth rate of 12% and is expected to be a US$21 billion industry by 2026.

During this webinar, we sat in conversation with Francois Gand, Founder and CEO of NURO CORP, a leading biotechnology research company based in Canada paving the way in ground-breaking neurotechnological research.

The conversation focussed on the two main products offered by NURO; the NUOS Platform is a zero surgery multimodal neural operating system that helps incapacitated individuals communicate with loved ones and caregivers via neurological signals, thoughts and simple-to-use tools, while The Pad is a wireless helmet form factor designed for the detection and monitoring of Alzheimer’s and other neurological states in order to help in early detection of neurodegenerative diseases and complications. Francois explained the rationale behind NURO CORP’s mission citing how, as a result of an aging human population, Alzheimer’s and similar diseases and disorders could potentially become a new pandemic, and now more than ever it is absolutely crucial to take extra care to ensure healthy brain development and maintenance.

Hailing from France but now working in Canada, Francois shared the inspiring story behind his motivation to start NURO CORP for those suffering such challenges and vows to produce cutting-edge but affordable products to ensure everyone has a fair chance and getting the support they need. He recounted the time-consuming process of developing the software, going through clinical trials, applying for patents and ensuring NURO has the best quality products and client service. He owed his success to his diverse team, many of which come from Commonwealth nations including India.

This webinar is proof that truly mindblowing things can take a lot of time, determination and effort but ultimately are always worthwhile, especially when it is for the well-being of people!

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