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Togo has become the latest African nation to join the Elephant Protection Initiative (EPI), a growing alliance across the continent dedicated to preserving elephant populations and promoting peaceful coexistence between elephants and humans. With its addition, there are now 24 countries in the EPI collective.

Togo’s Minister of Environment and Forest Resources, Katari Foli-Bazi, has been applauded for his commitment to protecting biodiversity and combatting illegal poaching and wildlife trafficking. By joining the EPI, Togo is signalling its political will at the highest levels to take concrete steps for elephant conservation within its borders.

Togo’s elephant population have declined drastically in recent decades due to poaching and human encroachment into protected areas. According to the 2016 African Elephant Status Report, only small scattered herds remain in Togo. By banding together with other African nations in the EPI, Togo hopes to collaborate on enforcement and monitoring to better secure its existing elephant populations. Other EPI members will provide financial and technical support to help Togo strengthen protections in areas like Fazao Malfakassa National Park.

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