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The Ghana Story | Webinar Recording

Delve into the captivating world of Ghana, a vibrant nation at the heart of West Africa that proffers a myriad of opportunities for investors, businesses and partners.

Ghana welcomes foreign investment and business expansion with its robust and swiftly developing economy. As the world’s second largest cocoa producer and major gold producer, the nation dominates the mining and minerals industry, with untapped reserves of bauxite, manganese and lithium. Ghana’s tourism sector exhibits the nation’s cultural heritage, pristine beaches and exotic wildlife, with the government actively developing new destinations. Agriculture, integral to Ghana’s future, benefits from government initiatives aiming to modernise the sector and attract large-scale commercial farming.

Leveraging a youthful, technologically adept population and advanced ICT infrastructure, Ghana aspires to become a regional hub for ICT and financial services, supported by government reforms. The business climate is favourable, featuring a 25% corporate tax rate, tax incentives for key industries and thin capitalisation rules. With only a 5% digital services tax and over 30 double tax treaties, Ghana offers competitive advantages, positioning itself for increased foreign investment. A webinar featuring Yofi Grant, Chief Executive Officer of the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre, provides penetrating insights into Ghana’s potential. Grant’s distinguished career as an investment banker and leadership roles in finance render him a key figure in shaping the country’s financial and economic transformation.