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Singapore Tech Startup Event | 18th August 2022 Webinar Recording

Mr Sazzad Hossain; Founder and CEO of Crane HR

Mr Nazmus Sakib Khan; COO and Founding Team member


Julia Charlton; Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce

The Southeast Asian nation is home to 4,000 startups, over 220 venture capital firms and more than 200 incubators. From 2019-2021, Singapore’s tech startup ecosystem accumulated US$89 billion in funding, well above the world average of US$28.6 billion, and 52% of the total equity funding generated in Southeast by the end of 2021 went to the city state. According to the latest estimates from Tech in Asia, Southeast Asian region has minted 49 unicorns overall, of which 28 were founded in Singapore; in 2021 alone, the region saw 25 new unicorns emerge of which 11 came from the Commonwealth nation. Startup Genome, the internationally leading research organisation for startup ecosystems, ranked Singapore as the 5th best ecosystem in Asia and 18th worldwide in its Global Startup Ecosystem Report 2022, claiming the nation to be the ideal base to penetrate Southeast Asia’s trillion dollar digital commerce and ICT climate.

To understand more about how the robust Commonwealth startup ecosystem has supported exemplary entrepreneurs in achieving their business aspirations, the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce invited Crane HR, a dual-sided marketplace platform that facilitates companies to hire more efficiently through their online work portfolios and on the other hand helps the workers bypass expensive and inefficient recruitment platforms, to join the Singapore edition of the Commonwealth Tech Startup series. The webinar was immensely successful; starting off with a comprehensive presentation by Sazzad and Sakib, we gained a clear understanding of Crane HR’s business model and expansion blueprint which showcased how the startup ecosystem has given the company a vast array of tools and funding to actualise their company and scale beyond the borders to other countries, including Commonwealth counterparts New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada and more. The highlight of the webinar was the heartfelt and candid discussion between the speakers and the Chamber wherein Sazzad and Sakib shared their personal stories of forming deep connections with migrant workers and how they discovered that the global shortage of workers around the world could be a unique win-win situation if they were able to empower and equip migrant workers they had met with all they needed to travel to countries with the shortage of labour. Through Crane HR, they are able to alleviate the financial and logistical worries of migrant workers looking for opportunities abroad whilst simultaneously offering recruiters around the world with quality and hardworking individuals to aid in their developments. They also shared their observations of how intra-Commonwealth migration of workers was notably easier due to the common language and legal systems shared by member nations, showcasing a practical example of the merits of the Commonwealth Advantage.

Watch our webinar for free online on Youtube, with instant playback, using the link at the top of the page.