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Fireside Chat on the future of Malaysia’s Smart Manufacturing Sector | 5th May 2022 Recording

Mr Kathirgugan Kathirasen; Founder-Employee of Chowbotics


 Julia Charlton; Chairman of the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce

Kathirgugan is an inventor, and Foundee (Founder-Employee) at Chowbotics, a pioneer in the food robotics industry. He joined the Silicon Valley startup as its first employee and later went on to be the founder of both its China and Malaysia branches. Chowbotics, which builds fresh food robots, has won praise from prestigious publications such as the New York Times and Bloomberg and has been named one of the most innovative companies in the world. In addition to that, its creation, Sally the Salad Robot wasjudged the Most Innovative Product of the Year for 2018 by the Best in Biz Awards. Recently, Chowbotics was acquired by American food delivery giant DoorDash.

In this fireside chat, Julia was  in conversation with Mr Kathirasen who shared his journey from Malaysia to Silicon Valley, and his grueling but educational  experience in Techstars that led to the realisation of his startup, Chowbotics. Kathirgugan’s story is inspiring  for all aspiring  to begin their own startup journey or ensure that their startups continue to uphold a consistent momentum of success. The online event also included a comprehensive, riveting and insightful deep dive into the realm of smart manufacturing and what it could mean for the future of Malaysia’s long-established  manufacturing economy.

Smart manufacturing, also called “intelligent manufacturing” is the industrial development model that heavily relies on linking physical manufacturing operations to cyber systems controlled via the internet for zero-lag data exchange and other such rapidly growing technological innovations. These smart systems utilise frontier technologies including artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, robotics and automation for value maximisation and minimsation of costs. At the same time,  they require heavy investment in overhauling legacy systems plus expensive digital infrastructure. Fortunately, Malaysia’s advanced manufacturing ecosystem puts the nation in a perfect position to harness these technological advancements and Kathirgugan, during the webinar, discusses in great detail with us exactly how the government and businesses of Malaysia can harness the nation’s unique advantages to bring it to the forefront  of advanced  digital manufacturing in the coming decade.

Watch the full recording now available with instant playback.

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