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Embark on a journey into the thriving entrepreneurial landscape of Bangladesh, a country experiencing consistent economic growth, currently ranking as the 39th largest global economy. Surpassing its neighbor India in GDP per capita, Bangladesh remains one of the world’s fastest-growing economies, boasting a 10% annual growth rate in its middle-class segment. With 62% of its population below the age of 35, Bangladesh is fostering a youthful and dynamic demographic.

The nation generates over 5,000 IT graduates annually, reflecting a robust internet penetration rate of 75%. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the development of Bangladesh’s ICT infrastructure, driven by both governmental and non-governmental institutions. These economic dynamics, combined with a lack of STEM opportunities, are propelling the nation’s skilled labor towards entrepreneurial endeavors, cultivating a vibrant startup ecosystem.

Join us on an exciting journey as we transition from the heights of Bangladesh’s aviation industry to the dynamic realm of digital marketing startup businesses. Our webinar will unfold insights into these diverse landscapes, showcasing opportunities, challenges, and success stories that span across industries.

Whether you are fascinated by the soaring skies or intrigued by the digital landscape, this webinar provides a unique opportunity to broaden your perspective. Gain actionable insights, discover potential collaborations, and connect with experts who have navigated both the skies and the digital business arena.

Don’t miss this chance to explore, learn, and network with industry leaders and visionaries.

Moderated by:

Julia Charlton

Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce HK

Julia is the founding and managing partner of Charltons, an award winning Hong Kong corporate finance Hong Kong law firm. Julia is admitted as a solicitor in Hong Kong, England and Wales and the BVI. She practises in the field of corporate finance, including M&A, private equity, securities, virtual assets and funds.

Julia is a member of the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council (CWEIC)’s Global Advisory Council. She is also a member of several Hong Kong boards and committees, most notably The Takeovers and Mergers Panel and the Takeovers Appeals Committee of the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission and the Listing Review Committee of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. Julia is also a Senior Fellow of the Hong Kong Securities and Investment Institute.


Air taxi Bangladesh

Air taxis represent a novel concept that affords individuals the advantages of private air travel without the necessity of aircraft ownership. Analogous to an Uber ride, air taxis operate in the skies, transporting passengers between destinations much like a ground-based ride-hailing service.

Typically designed to accommodate up to six passengers, air taxis utilize electric or hybrid engines, emphasizing sustainability and environmental friendliness. They are engineered to operate from smaller airfields that may not be serviced by commercial airlines, offering convenient access to remote areas, business centers, and otherwise challenging locales. The process of booking an air taxi is akin to reserving a conventional taxi through a dedicated app. Once booked, the air taxi departs from the designated airfield and travels directly to the chosen destination. Passengers can tailor their journey based on preferences such as departure time, flight path, and onboard services.

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Faruk Ahmad

Faruk Ahmad is a seasoned professional with 5 years of experience, currently serving as the Co-founder of Airtaxi Bangladesh. His leadership and entrepreneurial skills have contributed significantly to the growth and success of the company.

Prior to his role as Co-founder, Faruk served as a Technical Manager at Shodagor Express Ltd. for about a year. In this capacity, he demonstrated proficiency in managing technical aspects, showcasing his versatility in different domains. He has honed his expertise through various training programs, including AI ChatGpt at Daffodil International Professional Institute and Sponsorship Cyprus Cricket under the Cyprus Labor Ministry for a year. On the educational front, Faruk holds a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Aviation Management from GAU Cyprus and a Diploma in Engineering with a focus on Aerospace from the Aeronautical Institute of Bangladesh, where he graduated in 2013. Faruk’s educational background and diverse professional experience reflect his commitment to excellence in the aviation and technical domains.


A dynamic digital service provider dedicated to revolutionizing the landscape for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Their mission is to serve as a one-stop solution for SMEs, offering unparalleled expertise in both branding and development.
Hellobizer specialize in delivering end-to-end digital solutions that cater to the diverse needs of SMEs. From crafting distinctive brand identities to formulating robust development strategies, committed to elevating the digital presence of the clients.

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Nayna Naima

Nayna Naima, a Bangladeshi entrepreneur and the visionary founder/COO of HelloBizer, leads a web-based platform connecting SME entrepreneurs with freelance digital business experts. It is the first of its kind in Bangladesh, offering standard-quality digital business services at budget-friendly prices. Nayna, with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from Atish Dipangkar University of Science and Technology, cultivated expertise in digital marketing, leadership, and entrepreneurship during her studies. Her commitment to SMEs led her to co-found “E-Business Expert” with Sopnil Mottafi Billah, HelloBizer’s co-founder. Recognizing the gap between SMEs needing digital services and experts lacking regular opportunities, Nayna and Sopnil conceptualized HelloBizer as a bridge.

Since July 2022, HelloBizer has served over a thousand SME entrepreneurs and connected over a hundred freelance digital business experts, aiming to create a significant impact on both parties. Sopnil Mottafi Billah, the Bangladeshi entrepreneur and co-founder/CEO of HelloBizer, shares this vision. HelloBizer serves as a pioneering platform in Bangladesh, fostering collaboration between SME entrepreneurs and freelance digital business experts, providing affordable digital services for business growth. Together, Nayna and Sopnil aim to revolutionize the landscape for SMEs and digital business experts through HelloBizer.

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Sopnil Mottafi Billah

Sopnil Mottafi Billah earned his Bachelor of Business Administration (Major in Finance) from the University of Dhaka. During his pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree, he demonstrated leadership by spearheading a community of SME entrepreneurs in Bangladesh, leveraging his expertise in the digital business domain. During this period, he crossed paths with Nayna Naima, the visionary founder of HelloBizer. Together, they co-founded “E-Business Expert,” a digital business service provider catering to SME entrepreneurs aiming to digitally grow their businesses. Through this venture, they organized numerous programs to enhance the skills and businesses of SME entrepreneurs.

Recognizing the need for standard quality digital business services at budget-friendly prices and a pool of capable digital business service providers lacking regular opportunities, Nayna and Sopnil conceptualized HelloBizer. This platform serves as a bridge, connecting SME entrepreneurs with freelance digital business experts. Since July 2022, HelloBizer has successfully served over a thousand SME entrepreneurs and connected more than a hundred freelance digital business experts. Through HelloBizer, their mission is to significantly impact the lives of SME entrepreneurs and digital business experts alike.

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