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A skincare company endorsed by one of the Kardashian sisters has lost a trademark dispute against an essential oils start-up company. Rory Hill, a West Coaster, initiated the establishment of Manuka Medic in 2018 after he observed that his sensitive skin improved whenever he stayed on properties surrounded by native mānuka. He proceeded to extract the oil from the native plant, selling it both online and at markets. Subsequently, he applied for trademark protection for the product under the name “Manuka Medic” with the Intellectual Property Office (IPO).

On the other hand, Manuka Doctor, another New Zealand company, had been marketing cosmetic products containing extracts from the mānuka plant for nearly a decade. In 2016, it announced Kourtney Kardashian as one of its brand ambassadors. However, the skincare company endorsed by the Kardashian sisters lost the trademark dispute to the essential oils start-up, Manuka Medic.

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