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In Mauritius, Janmashtami is celebrated with great enthusiasm and devotion by the local Hindu community. Preparations for the festival begin well in advance, with temples and homes being decorated with colourful lights and traditional ornaments. Special events and performances are organised in temples, where devotees gather to sing hymns, recite prayers, and participate in traditional dances to celebrate Lord Krishna’s birth.

One of the most captivating aspects of this festival is the “Dahi Handi” or “Matki Phod” ceremony, which vividly reenacts a cherished incident from Lord Krishna’s childhood. During this joyous event, a clay pot brimming with curd or butter is suspended at a height, captivating the participants. Young men, full of energy and zeal, form human pyramids, attempting to break the pot and claim its contents. This lively ceremony symbolises Lord Krishna’s playful nature and his profound affection for butter.