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Indian Tech Startups Webinar Recording on 25th March 2022 with our trailblazing panellists:

Mr Vikas Dhar, Co-Founder of LivWell Asia

Mr Arindam Das Sarkar, Founder of AJIS Solutions


Ms Julia Charlton, Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce

In this webinar, we got a great first hand look into the ecosystem of the Indian tech startup industry that has been dubbed the champion of India Inc. with over 40 unicorns being established within the nation in just the year of 2021 alone. Participants from across the globe tuned into hear our startup experts present their innovative products of cutting-edge technology and gave invaluable insight on how they combined their fabulous products with robust business models to create their vibrant and dynamic startups.

AJIS Solutions was represented by its founder, Arindam Das Sarkar.

AJIS Solutions is a technology solution provider which fills the gap between technology, organizational needs, and the customer experience in the field of IT. AJIS was incorporated with an aim to address these evolving needs with changing times, offer managed services and in general innovate solutions to real-life challenges. These solutions are provided in the forms of Artificial Intelligence (AI)–based modelling, including AI-based video analytics. This additional layer of software supplements the company’s surveillance solutions, including automated alerts for home surveillance, accident detection, and safety systems.

LivWell Asia was represented by its co-founder, Vikas Dhar.

LivWell is a blockchain-based membership programme company that allows users to adopt healthy habits and earn rewards in the form of LivWell coins. Members can earn these coins by following a very popular daily step count trend which not only helps them burn calories but leads to a better and healthy lifestyle. This wellness ecosystem & fitness-based rewards platform offers micro-insurance policies that protect all members from personal accidents.

Podcast Recording