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Empowering Travel for All: A Fireside Chat with Snowball Community Founder Simon Sansome | Webinar Recording

The webinar was a fireside chat with Simon Sansome, founder of Snowball Community, a global disability app that aims to make travel more inclusive. Simon shared his personal story of becoming disabled in 2014 and how he channeled his experience into empowering others. He discussed the challenges faced by travelers with disabilities and how improved accessibility benefits everyone. The Snowball app, which is available on Apple and Android, is a review platform for disabled access and directs users to their destination. It is the largest disability app in the world and has almost 40,000 reviews. Simon’s goal is to create a future where everyone can experience the personal growth, cultural exchange, and human connection that travel facilitates. The webinar also touched on the potential of the “purple pound,” which is the spending power of people with disabilities, and how businesses can benefit from being more inclusive.