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Empowering Tomorrow: MSMEs and Sustainable Development in The Gambia | 7 Aug 2023 Webinar Recording


Hon. Abdoulie Njai; Member of Parliament, The Gambia National Assembly


Julia Charlton; Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce

In this webinar, the Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce sat down in conversation with the Hon. Abdoulie Njai, the youngest Member of Parliament in the National Assembly of the Republic of The Gambia. Njai discussed the expanse of his personal and professional journey that led him to the position, which he won as an Independent Candidate focussing on achieving promoting religious tolerance, gender parity, anti-corruption and regulation as well as great representation for youth in the domestic and international political decision making processes.

The conversation revolved largely on the role of MSMEs (micro, small and medium sized enterprises) in the development of the country’s economy, accounting for 95% of businesses and employ over 60% the population and contributing about 20% to the country’s GDP, and how the government is committed to better equipping them via initiatives to promote entrepreneurship and job creation, such as the National Employment Policy and the Gambian Agency for the Promotion and Protection of Investment.

The conversation also revolved around the importance of technological innovation and internet accessibility to effectively and sustainably develop the agriculture, fishing and industrial sectors. Owing to the youthful population, Njai strongly expressed his belief that the incoming generations will transform the future economy by harnessing Fintech solutions and digital innovation.

The Hon. Njai highlighted the importance of the Commonwealth as a partner to The Gambia, with a call for increased technical and monetary assistance to strengthen bilateral ties and support the country’s development, particularly in promoting MSMEs and addressing challenges like internet accessibility.

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