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A new implementation framework was launched by the Commonwealth Secretariat to promote coordinated action on land, biodiversity, and climate challenges across the 56 Commonwealth nations. This framework called the Living Lands Charter Implementation Framework, was unveiled at an event alongside the COP28 conference in Dubai.

The Living Lands Charter was adopted last year to guide the Commonwealth countries on sustainable land management and restoration. The implementation framework introduced recently aims to facilitate practical on-the-ground actions aligned with the Charter. Through extensive consultations over the past year, the framework was designed to enable context-specific solutions while promoting collaboration on shared land and climate goals.

With the Commonwealth representing over 2.4 billion people and stewardship of a quarter of the world’s land area, this framework has immense potential to drive progress on biodiversity, desertification and climate change. By taking coordinated action on sustainable land management guided by the Living Lands Charter, the Commonwealth aims to lead by example in implementing solutions to interlinked environmental challenges.

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