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Capitalising Angel Investment Strategies For Commonwealth Africa’s Startups | 30 Aug 2023 Webinar Recording


Fadilah Tchoumba; CEO, African Business Angel Network


Julia Charlton; Chairman, Commonwealth Chamber of Commerce

Fadilah Tchoumba’s discussion sheds light on the importance of corporate governance and the POEM framework for sustainable startup growth in Africa. ABAN, the African Business Angel Network, is a platform that connects angel investors and supports startups across the continent. The organization is involved in shaping institutional policies and developing legal frameworks for angel investment on the continent. This is crucial for the success and growth of startups in Africa.

ABAN is also committed to supporting women-led startups and fostering gender diversity within the startup ecosystem. The diaspora network and Bridging Angel Network, based in France and the UK, are two examples of the organization’s efforts to connect investors and create a pipeline of viable startups. The network provides opportunities for mentorship-driven capital, which helps de-risk investments and facilitates access to existing investors with experience and expertise.

The digital sector is of particular interest to angel investors, with fintech leading in capital attracted. However, other sectors such as clean technology, agritech, and digital trade are also emerging and attracting significant capital. ABAN is committed to supporting startups in these sectors and ensuring they have the necessary support to grow and succeed.

ABAN also partners with Zeitec to manage portfolio companies for exit strategies. This is a vital step for angel investors who invest in startups and need to exit. The partnership provides startups with the necessary tools and training for corporate governance and reporting standards, preparing them for an eventual exit. For investors, the partnership offers access to a portfolio management company that can facilitate mergers, acquisitions, or full exits.

ABAN welcomes investors outside of Africa to join their network and benefit from mentorship-driven capital and access to viable startups. The organization provides support for those interested in establishing their own network and offers training to help investors understand the unique challenges and opportunities of angel investment on the continent.

In conclusion, ABAN is a driving force behind the growth and success of startups in Africa. The organization’s commitment to supporting women-led startups, shaping institutional policies, and fostering mentorship-driven capital is crucial for the sustainable growth of the startup ecosystem. Investors looking to invest in Africa can benefit from ABAN’s network and expertise, and startups can leverage the organization’s support to succeed and thrive.

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