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The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the government of Bangladesh signed a $160 million loan agreement to upgrade Dhaka’s power distribution network. The loan, which was signed by Bangladesh’s Economic Relations Division secretary Md Shahriar Kader Siddiky and ADB’s deputy country director Jiangbo Ning, aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of electricity supply in the capital.

The funds will go towards the Dhaka Power System Expansion and Strengthening Project, which involves constructing eight new substations and installing over 100 kilometres of underground power cables and 150 kilometres of overhead lines. The project aims to improve the overall operations and management capacity of the Dhaka Electric Supply Company Limited (DESCO) to meet international standards.

Dhaka has witnessed rapid urbanisation over the past decades but power infrastructure has not kept pace with rising demand. This ADB funding will be instrumental in modernising the city’s antiquated distribution network and meeting the needs of a growing population.

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