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A paralysed British entrepreneur has won a prestigious business award for creating one of the UK’s most popular app rating venues for accessibility after being inspired by an embarrassing experience in a Spanish restaurant. 41-year-old Simon Sansome was left paralysed from the waist down after a botched chiropractic session resulted in three of his vertebrae being crushed.

During an evening out in Spain to celebrate his progress in rehabilitation, Sansome realised the restaurant’s toilets were not wheelchair accessible when they were located on the first floor. Unable to get to the bathroom in time, the humiliating experience motivated Sansome to help others avoid similar situations. Upon returning home, Sansome created a Facebook group for reviewing and rating venues in his hometown on their accessibility for wheelchair users. The group quickly amassed over 1,000 members within weeks and has now grown to more than 110,000 members across the country. He then developed a new app called Snowball aimed at helping disabled individuals find accessible and disability-friendly venues.

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